Oil Rinsing

Posted on May 03, 2017 | 1 comment
Oil Rinsing...Is this "The Miracle" for your Dry Natural Hair that you have been looking for???

Is your natural hair extremely dry? Does it tangle easily? Have you tried everything to keep moisture in your hair and nothing works? Then you want to pay close attention to Oil Rinsing.

An oil rinse is a hair treatment used primarily on kinky, coily, afro textured hair. Oil Rinsing is the step between co-washing/shampooing and conditioning, that keeps the hair moisturized longer, makes detangling a cinch, soften hair follicles, promotes growth, and prevents tangles and knots.

Using an oil rinse of one or more oils together is effective at smoothing the cuticle layers and greatly improving the appearance of your hair. Oils are applied from the root to the ends of the hair shaft after co-washing/shampooing and before conditioning. The oil adds extra slip during the wash which may help the hair strands slide past each other instead of tangling and forming knots.

This is how it is done:
1. CO-WASH: Co-wash your hair using really warm water or as warm/hot as you can bear, it helps to open the pores. Remember, the purpose of this step is to help remove some of the scalp of build-up from your products which is very important!

2. OIL: Apply Rescue Me Oil Rinse (1-3 tablespoons) depending on the thickness of your hair. Work it through the hair from root to ends. Detangle your hair during this step which helps to make sure the oil has been applied liberally. Rinse hair with very warm water.

3. CONDITIONER: Apply your choice of a moisturizing conditioner to your hair generously and rinse with cool water or as cold you can bear to close the cuticle. Cold water rinses help to seal in moisture, prevent knots, and add shine to the hair. You will definitely notice a difference in your hair.

Experiment...use more or less oil depending on what works best for your hair. BTW: Oil rinsing is great for children!

Try "Rescue Me Oil Rinse" by Terra Veda Organix it's a hair treatment that nourishes the hair, adds shine and softness, and promotes growth while adding that extra slip which helps the hair strands slide past each other instead of tangling and forming knots. Formulated with "Ceramide Rich Oils" which create a protective barrier around the hair to lock in moisture and protein. www.terravedaorganix.com

Have you tried oil rinsing? How did it work for you?

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Is your Pre-Poo Game Strong?

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Is Your Pre-poo Game on Strong?
If not, it's very important that you make it Strong!

Pre-pooing is short for pre-shampooing. It's a treatment applied prior to
washing/shampooing and used on Dry hair. It usually consists of oils like coconut and/or conditioners, and should be applied at least 1 hour to overnight before the washing process. Did I mention that it should be done on dry hair? Ok, just checking to see if you're paying attention?

Most of your hair’s Biggest Issues are attributed to Not Pre-pooing! Ok, the cats out the bag. Now, pay very close attention! Do you suffer with excessive dryness, breakage, brittle ends, damaged rough-feeling hair or frizz? If you are experiencing any of these hair issues, it may be time to Up Your Pre-poo Game and incorporate or re-incorporate Pre-pooing into your regular wash day regimen.

Here’s why:
Pre-pooing is performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the wash process. Doing a Pre-poo conditions the cuticle and gets it prepared for the manipulation/combing to follow. Adding a conditioner to the Pre-poo mix like Apple Cleansing Co-Wash - Terra Veda Organix helps to re-hydrate, soften, elasticize, and prep the hair for detangling while reducing single strand knots which will aid in length retention. Using a penetrating oil like Coconut helps to prevent protein loss and is excellent for high porosity hair.

Here are other reasons you should Pre-poo your natural hair before washing.

*Hi porosity
*Color treated
*Coming out of a protective style to include twist, bantu knots, sets, wash & go's, braids and weaves.

Here’s how:
Using a heat source is best when you Pre-poo; however, you can use double plastic cap with a beanie pulled over the caps to help the Pre-poo penetrate into the hair.

You can use your own DIY ingredients for your pre-poo or Mix:
2 tbsp of Coconut Oil
2 tbsp of Apple Cleansing Co-Wash - Terra Veda Organix
1 tbsp of Rescue Me Oil Rinse for dry natural hair - Terra Veda Organix
Section your dry hair into 4 or more sections
Detangle each section with a wide tooth comb I love Magic Star Jumbo Rake 5660 by Hercules Sagemann for detangling other than that I always use my fingers.
Spread the pre-poo over each section
Cover hair with a cap and sit under a hooded dryer if you choose then, rinse.
Now, you should be ready for the next step in your wash day regiment!

Is Your Pre-poo Game Strong? If so, what do you use?

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Help!! My Natural Hair Is So Dry!

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Natural hair has a tendency to be much drier than straight hair because it takes longer for the natural sebum (oil) to travel down the twists and turns of a coil than a direct route down a straight hair shaft.

The most important thing to know along this journey is that MOISTURE IS KEY!! Water IS your friend!! The BEST thing to use to keep your hair hydrated is H2O. Nothing, I mean Nothing, beats plain old H2O for moisture! But, you can't just walk around with wet hair all day! This would cause your to mildew and smell bad ... Eeekkk!!!

Well, after the water evaporates, you are back to square one - Dry Hair! But, why so quickly? It's because your moisture should be sealed in the hair so it does not evaporate quickly. So, how do you keep the moisture in your hair longer? Here's the KEY - The LOC Method!!!

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