Porosity Test 101

by Pat Moore
Porosity Test 101

Porosity testing is probably one of the most important steps to identifying which products will work best for your natural hair.

The porosity of your hair refers to the physical structure of your strand & how your hair deals with moisture.

Product type recommendations:

TVO Method Bundle #2

- Low Porosity hair : Deep condition with heat to help open the hair shaft. Light weight, water-based products should be used to ensure penetration of the products.

- Normal Porosity hair : The thickness of your hair will play a greater role in the products you choose. For thicker or courser hair I would go with the TVO High Porosity Bundle #1. For thinner or finer TVO Low Porosity Bundle #2.

TVO Method Bundle #1

- High Porosity hair : Product layering is essential to ensure moisture retention. Heavier cream-based butters should be used in order to seal the hair shaft.

So before you go out & spend your hard earned money on products that are not going to work well with your hair, be sure to do a porosity test and select the TVO Bundle 1 or 2 that’s right for you.

Here’s the link to the website where you can purchase the TVO Method Bundles

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