Moisture is Key for Healthy Natural Hair!

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There's nothing more overwhelming than trying to figure out how to keep your natural hair moisturized. The truth is...natural hair needs a regiment that introduces moisture and retains moisture to the hair. Every product and technique should do one of two things: add moisture to your natural hair or retain/seal in moistures. Below are the basics of building a moisturizing natural hair regimen.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
Eat lots of of fruits and Vegetables
Take Hair Vitamins
Moisturize your natural hair from the inside out. Your whole body will thank you.
Pre-poo with olive oil, coconut oil and a tad of Banana Slip Detangler.
Clarify/detox with Good Earth Mud Mask once every two weeks.
Clarifying/detoxing lifts dirt, excess products and other adverse debris. By deep cleaning your hair and scalp you’re helping your natural hair grow.
Water is the best and most effective moisturize. Use water-based hair products especially conditioners.
Co-wash with Apple Cleansing by Terra Veda Organix your hair at every 3-4 days.
Deep Condition weekly with a product designed to penetrate the hair shaft like Quinoa & Green Tea Deep Conditioner by Terra Veda Organix.

Moisturize 2-4 times a week or more if necessary by adding some type of water or water based product to your hair & scalp. Curl-Aid Herbal Spritz by Terra Veda Organix is great for daily moisturizing. You drink water and moisturize your skin daily so why should your hair be any different.
Apply leave in products like Krazy 4 Coconut & Okra by Terra Veda Organix from root to tip. Use the raking method or praying hands method to evenly throughout hair.
Avoid products with harsh ingredients that coat the hair vs. absorb into the hair such as mineral oil, petroleum & etc.
Use natural products or products with natural ingredients to seal in moisture from water and smooth the hair shaft such as shea butter, coconut oil and other nutrient rich oils/butters. Sweet Georgia Peach Butter by Terra Veda Organix is excellent for sealing moisture in your hair.
Use the LOC METHOD- simply sealing in each layer of product to add moisture to your hair. LOC stands for “Liquid”, “Oil”, and “Cream”. This is the order of which you apply your products to clean hair (L) Curl-Aid Herbal Spritz, (O) Sweet Georgia Peach Butter, (C) Krazy 4 Coconut Condish.
Cover hair with a satin scarf/bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case while sleeping.

You can purchase Terra Veda Organix Products here: www.terravedaorganix.com

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The Triple Threat

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Now that the weather is changing Natural Hair needs a whole lot of Moisture! It needs a 1-2-3 Punch to make it hydrated and manageable so that styling is a breeze. This dynamic combo for twisting your natural hair will definitely get the job done. These products should be used on cleaned and conditioned hair in the following order for maximum benefits:

The Triple Threat
Quench Hydration Cream
Curlfriends High Def Twist Cream
Sweet Georgia Peach Butter

Note: Make sure to start at the ends of your hair where it’s the driest and really work the product into your hair then work your way up the hair stands.

1-2-3 KNOCKOUT!!!

So, take note and follow these three easy steps that will have you on your way to moisturize, soft, and manageable hair in no time. The Triple Threat is definitely Terra Veda Organix’s (TVO) Winning Combination. You should definitely try it! Many users have gotten amazing results!

Here’s the link to purchase the products

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Important information about the TVO METHOD

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Are you just starting, or thinking about starting your TVO (Terra Veda Organix) journey? You've seen all the testimonials and perhaps you're waiting for your first shipment to arrive. You're excited right? Yes, it's an exciting time and it's easy to get ahead of the game! But let's just slow down a bit...breathe...

When starting out with your first TVO bundle, it is advised to use only the items that come in the bundle. Completing steps 1-5 for the first four weeks or until you reach maximum hydration is crucial. You will be tempted to order many of the awesome products that you've been hearing about, however, the only other items you should introduce into the mix, at this point, would be the Rescue Me Oil Rinse and the Quinoa and Green Tea deep conditioner. The deep conditioner should be used on maintenance days ONLY, and NOT on full treatment days. Attempting to incorporate other products right now can get confusing and hinder the ability to establish a consistent regimen or reach maximum hydration. Right now you're learning how the process works and exactly what you are achieving with each step. It is wise to allow your hair to get hydrated before building on to your regimen. Once you learn what you are doing and why, then it becomes easy to add other TVO items to your regimen and experiment with different product combinations.

Remember to carefully follow your instructions. They have been specifically designed to help you achieve success in having healthy, hydrated hair that curls from root to tip. And ask questions. We're here to help you on this journey! We encourage you to be patient and trust the process. Congratulations, and welcome to #teamTVO! #terravedaorganix #transformingthecurl

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Porosity Test 101

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Porosity Test 101

Porosity testing is probably one of the most important steps to identifying which products will work best for your natural hair.

The porosity of your hair refers to the physical structure of your strand & how your hair deals with moisture.

Product type recommendations:

TVO Method Bundle #2

- Low Porosity hair : Deep condition with heat to help open the hair shaft. Light weight, water-based products should be used to ensure penetration of the products.

- Normal Porosity hair : The thickness of your hair will play a greater role in the products you choose. For thicker or courser hair I would go with the TVO High Porosity Bundle #1. For thinner or finer TVO Low Porosity Bundle #2.

TVO Method Bundle #1

- High Porosity hair : Product layering is essential to ensure moisture retention. Heavier cream-based butters should be used in order to seal the hair shaft.

So before you go out & spend your hard earned money on products that are not going to work well with your hair, be sure to do a porosity test and select the TVO Bundle 1 or 2 that’s right for you.

Here’s the link to the website where you can purchase the TVO Method Bundles

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Is your Pre-Poo Game Strong?

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Is Your Pre-poo Game on Strong?
If not, it's very important that you make it Strong!

Pre-pooing is short for pre-shampooing. It's a treatment applied prior to
washing/shampooing and used on Dry hair. It usually consists of oils like coconut and/or conditioners, and should be applied at least 1 hour to overnight before the washing process. Did I mention that it should be done on dry hair? Ok, just checking to see if you're paying attention?

Most of your hair’s Biggest Issues are attributed to Not Pre-pooing! Ok, the cats out the bag. Now, pay very close attention! Do you suffer with excessive dryness, breakage, brittle ends, damaged rough-feeling hair or frizz? If you are experiencing any of these hair issues, it may be time to Up Your Pre-poo Game and incorporate or re-incorporate Pre-pooing into your regular wash day regimen.

Here’s why:
Pre-pooing is performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the wash process. Doing a Pre-poo conditions the cuticle and gets it prepared for the manipulation/combing to follow. Adding a conditioner to the Pre-poo mix like Apple Cleansing Co-Wash - Terra Veda Organix helps to re-hydrate, soften, elasticize, and prep the hair for detangling while reducing single strand knots which will aid in length retention. Using a penetrating oil like Coconut helps to prevent protein loss and is excellent for high porosity hair.

Here are other reasons you should Pre-poo your natural hair before washing.

*Hi porosity
*Color treated
*Coming out of a protective style to include twist, bantu knots, sets, wash & go's, braids and weaves.

Here’s how:
Using a heat source is best when you Pre-poo; however, you can use double plastic cap with a beanie pulled over the caps to help the Pre-poo penetrate into the hair.

You can use your own DIY ingredients for your pre-poo or Mix:
2 tbsp of Coconut Oil
2 tbsp of Apple Cleansing Co-Wash - Terra Veda Organix
1 tbsp of Rescue Me Oil Rinse for dry natural hair - Terra Veda Organix
Section your dry hair into 4 or more sections
Detangle each section with a wide tooth comb I love Magic Star Jumbo Rake 5660 by Hercules Sagemann for detangling other than that I always use my fingers.
Spread the pre-poo over each section
Cover hair with a cap and sit under a hooded dryer if you choose then, rinse.
Now, you should be ready for the next step in your wash day regiment!

Is Your Pre-poo Game Strong? If so, what do you use?

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