The Triple Threat

by Pat Moore

Now that the weather is changing Natural Hair needs a whole lot of Moisture! It needs a 1-2-3 Punch to make it hydrated and manageable so that styling is a breeze. This dynamic combo for twisting your natural hair will definitely get the job done. These products should be used on cleaned and conditioned hair in the following order for maximum benefits:

The Triple Threat
Quench Hydration Cream
Curlfriends High Def Twist Cream
Sweet Georgia Peach Butter

Note: Make sure to start at the ends of your hair where it’s the driest and really work the product into your hair then work your way up the hair stands.

1-2-3 KNOCKOUT!!!

So, take note and follow these three easy steps that will have you on your way to moisturize, soft, and manageable hair in no time. The Triple Threat is definitely Terra Veda Organix’s (TVO) Winning Combination. You should definitely try it! Many users have gotten amazing results!

Here’s the link to purchase the products

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