Important information about the TVO METHOD

by Pat Moore

Are you just starting, or thinking about starting your TVO (Terra Veda Organix) journey? You've seen all the testimonials and perhaps you're waiting for your first shipment to arrive. You're excited right? Yes, it's an exciting time and it's easy to get ahead of the game! But let's just slow down a bit...breathe...

When starting out with your first TVO bundle, it is advised to use only the items that come in the bundle. Completing steps 1-5 for the first four weeks or until you reach maximum hydration is crucial. You will be tempted to order many of the awesome products that you've been hearing about, however, the only other items you should introduce into the mix, at this point, would be the Rescue Me Oil Rinse and the Quinoa and Green Tea deep conditioner. The deep conditioner should be used on maintenance days ONLY, and NOT on full treatment days. Attempting to incorporate other products right now can get confusing and hinder the ability to establish a consistent regimen or reach maximum hydration. Right now you're learning how the process works and exactly what you are achieving with each step. It is wise to allow your hair to get hydrated before building on to your regimen. Once you learn what you are doing and why, then it becomes easy to add other TVO items to your regimen and experiment with different product combinations.

Remember to carefully follow your instructions. They have been specifically designed to help you achieve success in having healthy, hydrated hair that curls from root to tip. And ask questions. We're here to help you on this journey! We encourage you to be patient and trust the process. Congratulations, and welcome to #teamTVO! #terravedaorganix #transformingthecurl

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