Tips for Winterizing Natural Hair 🎶Tis the season🎶... for Shedding and Dry hair

by Pat Moore
Tips for Winterizing Natural Hair 🎶Tis the season🎶... for Shedding and Dry hair

In the spring and summer, your hair flourishes, because sunlight triggers hair growth hormones. Autumn brings changes. Hair shedding in Autumn is as natural as leaves falling. As the days grow shorter and colder, the roots of your hair go into dormancy and your hair begins to fall with the autumn leaves. Then, comes the drier winter weather, there's less humidity in the air and that makes our hair and skin drier. It really comes down to going back to the basics. Although we already know this it's good to be reminded.

The following steps will help you retain more moisture:

*Pre-pooing with Banana Slip Detangler and coconut/grape seed oil before every wash

*Oil rinsing with Rescue Me Oil Rinse after every co-wash

*Using a thick leave in like Quench Hydration Cream or Krazy 4 Coconut

*Deep condition with Quinoa & Green Tea Deep or Carmel-tini Treatment weekly 30-40 minutes with a steamer

*Using the LOC and baggy method 1-3 days a week as needed

*Sealing the ends of your hair with oil/butter Sweet Georgia Peach Butter

*Scalp Massaging 2-4 time a week with Ms Annie O Pomade or Veda Hair Growth Oil

*Drinking more h2o water and eating veggies/ fruits daily

*Line your winter hat with silk or satin to stop breakage and split ends.

*Protective Styling

Following a good hair regiment should be done year round. With these hair tips, you can keep your natural hair healthy and beautiful throughout the winter and into the new year!

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