Sealing Your Ends

by Pat Moore
Sealing your ends is a process performed after you have moisturized your hair with water or a water based conditioner and simply coating them with your choice of oils or butter. The oils act as a barrier and hence provide a protective coating to your ends. This means your ends will stay moisturized longer because the moisture won’t be able to escape the wall of oil surrounding it.
To seal your ends properly you must saturate your ends with water. Placing moisture onto your ends can only be done by water and water alone. Water can penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex layer of the hair. Depending on the porosity level of your hair some naturals, may need a thick butter or oil to maintain a long lasting seal.
I find Sweet Georgia Peach Hair Butter or 24k High Shine Pomade by Terra Veda Organix works perfectly for maintaining the moisture on my ends till my next seal treatment. Remember the oil/butter's job is to protect the moisture (water) that was just absorbed by your cortex. More protection equals longer lasting moisturized ends.

Do you seal your hair?

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