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 What is MAX-Hydration? How do I know when I reach it?

Answer: MAX-Hydration is reached when all of your coils are defined from root to tip with little to no product. MAX-Hydration will happen in stages - some coils will be totally defined, some partially defined, and others will have no definition.


How long does it take to complete the Full TVO Method?

Answer:  It takes about 2.5 hours to complete the Full TVO Method.


How long does it take to complete the Maintenance TVO Method?

Answer:  It takes about 45 minutes - 1.5 hour to complete TVO Maintenance.


How long does it take to reach MAX-Hydration?

Answer:  It can take up to 4 weeks to reach Max Hydration for some it may take up to 12+ weeks.


How often do I have to do the Full TVO Method?

Answer:  When doing the Accelerated Method the Full TVO Method Steps 1-5 should be done weekly (every 7 days); otherwise, you should do the Full TVO Method every 2-4 weeks depending on your needs.


How often do I have to do the Maintenance TVO Method?

Answer:  The Maintenance TVO Method should be completed every 3rd or 4th day after the Full TVO Method.


How do I prepare my hair for bed?

Answer:  There are Several Different Options you can use to preserve your curls at bedtime.

 Option 1: Mini Pineapple - Loosely secure your hair with bands in sections and sleep with either a satin bonnet or scarf.

 Option 2: Twist - Section your hair, add Curl-Aid Herbal Refresher Spray or a little water on your fingers and twist it. Cover your hair with a satin cap.

Option 3:  Soft Fabric Covering -  Always cover your hair with a soft fabric like satin or silk.


What do I do in morning to restore my curls?

Answer:  To restore your curls the next morning spray TVO Curl-Aid Herbal Refresher Spray or plain water. Spray each section of your hair then shake.


What do I do when I don't reach Max-Hydration?

Answer:  If you haven't reached MAX- Hydration after the fourth week of doing the TVO Method for MAX-Hydration, continue doing the Accelerated TVO Method until Maximum Hydration is reached.


What if I skip a week or two and don't use my TVO Method Products?

Answer:  If for any reason you skip a week or two, you will notice the difference and you will lose hydration. To get back on track you may start with the Full TVO Method and commit to using the products in order to reach Maximum Hydration.


What if I don't use a clarifying shampoo before using my Low Porosity Bundle?

Answer:  Using a clarifying shampoo the first time you do the TVO Method aids in removing build-up from commercial/over the counter hair products. This step will help you get MAX-Hydrated hair faster; however, if you don't use one, it's not a deal breaker.


Which conditioner and oil should I use to pre-poo with?

Answer:  Banana Slip Detangler and coconut, olive or grapeseed oil works great for pre-pooing.


When I reach MAX-Hydration can I stop using the TVO Method?

Answer:  No, continue doing the Maintenance TVO Method every 3-4 days and the Full TVO Method every 2-4 weeks.


Can I combine other non-TVO Products with the TVO Method?

Answer:  No.  It's not recommended because the TVO Method Products are specifically designed to help you reach MAX-Hydration and do not pair well with non-TVO products.


Can I do a twist out after doing the TVO Method?

Answer:  Yes.  After your hair is about 80% dry, add CurlFriends High Def Twist Cream and Sweet Georgia Peach Butter.


What should I do if my hair feels dry after using the TVO Method?

Answer:  Lightly re-wet your hair after completing all of the steps to give your hair moisture. You can also lightly re-wet your hair daily and use a plastic cap (Baggy Method) with a bonnet overnight. If your hair is dry and crunchy, try scrunching oil on your hair to reduce crunchiness.


Is it common for my hair to feel dry when beginning the TVO Method?

Answer:  Yes. Keep in mind that your hair is detoxing so when you begin using the TVO Method, your hair may feel stiff, sticky, or dry; especially, if you have damaged hair from heat and color or from lack of maintenance. This stiff, sticky, or dry feeling may also be a result of product build-up from using products with harsh ingredients. The best analogy is like stripping old wax from a hardwood floor. The floor looks rough and dry while you're going through the stripping process. After the product buildup is removed, you will have healthy, shiny curls.


Why do I have so much shrinkage?

Answer:  Shrinkage is a sign of healthy, hydrated hair and you should learn to embrace it. There are techniques like twisting, mini-pineappling, banding, etc., that will help stretch your hair.


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