Styling Tips

Let's Talk About Hair Styling


Hey Curlfriends:

This is Sasha again and I'm here to share tips about styling!  Now that we have learned some good Maintenance Tips to keep our hair strong and healthy, it's time to take our Natural Beauty to the next level with some fabulous Hair Styling Tips.  There are many wonderful ways to "Rock Your Natural Hair" and feel empowered!  So, go ahead and take charge of your hair with these styling tips that bring out the Real You!  Can We Talk?


Styling Tips


Wash & Go

A wash & Go is a hairstyle that coils/curls are defined by raking/shingling small sections of hair with gel and or styling cream.  Then allow hair to air dry or use a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer set to a low temperature. A regular hooded dryer on a cool setting maybe be used as well.

A successful Wash & Go is achieved by using the right combination of products.  Combining products can be tricky, but, if you keep trying different combinations, eventually you will be able to achieve a successful Wash & Go.  It all start with having clean, conditioned, and detangled hair followed by a leave-in moisturizer.  Afterwards, you will apply your styling product to define your curls.

*** Tip:  Combination of Products

  1. Co-Wash:  Apple Cleansing Co-Wash
  2. Conditioner:  Quinoa & Green Tea Deep Conditioner
  3. Leave-In:  Hibiscus Curl MilkBanana Slip Detangler, Krazy 4 Coconut & Okra Condish
  4. Styler:  Curlfriends Gelee, Curl Poppin Custard, Curl Max Cream

Click on the links above for more detailed information on the product combinations.  Now, here are the steps you need to define your curls.

Use Krazy 4 Coconut & Okra Condish before applying the Curlfriends Geleé.  Part hair and clip in small sections. Apply Curlfriends Geleé to detangled and soaking wet hair.   Starting at the nape, apply the CurlFriends Gelee. To define your coils/curls, finger rake or shingle.  Apply enough Curlfriends Gelee so your hair feels slippery along the shaft; hence, you are assured that the Gelee is evenly distributed on the hair and moisture is properly sealed in before the Gel cast forms.

Once you complete your application of Curlfriends Gelee, re-wet your hair by dunking it under water for a few seconds. Gently shake your head (like you’re saying ‘no’). Cover your face with a towel while you are doing this or you’ll get hit in the face with your hair! This helps to separate the coils and remove excess water.

***Tip:  It is BEST to let your hair “air-dry.”  The important part is not to touch or mess with your hair until it’s dry. Once you start touching your hair, it will get matted and frizzy. You may need to walk around with a hand towel or old t-shirt around your neck to catch the drippies.

***Tip:  When you need your hair to dry faster, wrap a microfiber towel or old t-shirt around your hair to blot out the excess water then use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer.  The diffuser will spread the airflow across a large section of hair and will not cause frizz or interfere with your curl pattern.  The important part is not to touch or mess with your hair until it’s dry. Once you start touching your hair, it will get matted and frizzy.

***Tip:  One alternative for Daily Maintenance with the TVO Method is that you may have to re-wet your hair the next  morning. Once you sleep on it, your hair will become smashed the next morning. Don’t fret! Just do a quick refresh by misting your hair with water or dunking it under the shower for a few seconds. Gently shake your head (like you’re saying ‘no’) and you’re done. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. Another alternative for Daily Maintenance with the TVO Method is to use a technique called Pineappling as described in the Tip below.

***Tip:  Pineappling Method

Pineappling your hair is the way to get second-day hair. It’s a very high ponytail on the top of your head to protect your curls while you sleep. In essence, it looks like the shape of a Pineapple.  The name comes from the shape of your hair if put in correctly. The idea is for only the underneath back of your hair to be undisturbed while sleeping all the while protecting the length of your hair and the mound of beautiful curls as they stays on the top of your head. 

The most important thing to remember about pineapple-ing is to not tie your scrunchie too tightly. For longer hair, just slip the scrunchie around the base of the high ponytail once right before you lay down for the night. It may slip a little but your hair should still be protected. For shorter hair, you can do mini-pineapples and do as many you need. The object of mini-pineapples is to stretch the hair and to keep it from tangling and matting while you sleep.

DO NOT forget to put your satin bonnet over the Pineapple!

*** Tip: Finally, don't be afraid of water. It's now your friend! If a section looks a little frizzy on the ends, use water to refresh your hair and coil the ends around your finger to create a spiral. Watch how your own beautiful coils bounce back.  To avoid further frizz, let your hair dry without touching it.


Twist and Twist Outs

A Twist Out is a hairstyle created by first two-strand twisting the hair while wet or damp. After the hair is dry, the twists can be carefully untwisted and styled. This hairstyle provides elongation, fullness and definition. Apply product liberally, but use less product when twisting slightly damp hair. Twist each section, leaving a tiny bit of hair untwisted at the ends. Twirl this portion around your forefinger and carefully slide your finger down and out of the coil.

*** Tip:  For the maximum definition, Twist hair using our Curlfriends High Def Twist Cream while it is soaking wet. For more fullness and elongation, twist hair using our Curlfriends High Def Twist Cream while damp.

*** Tip:  As you twist, arrange the twists in the directions that you ultimately want them styled. For example, if you want your style to be straight back away from you face, make sure you twist your sections back and away from your face.

*** Tip:  Twisting in a brick layered pattern will help to minimize scalp exposure with twist-out styles. Once hair is completely dry, you may also gently massage along your scalp to obscure the partings. Be careful not to disturb the coiled/curled alignment along the length and ends of the sections. Remember, in the days after your twist-out, your hair also will naturally fill in and become fuller.

*** Tip:  To complete your style, you may desire fullness in some or all areas of your hair. If you opt to separate your twists for more volume, take care to handle them very gently. Pulling and separating carelessly will cause create an undefined, frizzed look. Coating your fingertips with our 24k High Shine Pomade with give you a more defined, smoother and shinier finish.

With twist-out styles, at times it may seem that a section or two needs some attention. Just dampen your fingers, run them along the section with a little Curlfriends High Def Twist Cream, and re-twist. It will be dry in 15 – 20 minutes or so. Once dry, untwist it and voila – a quick refresh! Finally, always use a satin bonnet when you sleep. It will keep your style looking good longer.


Coils & Coil Outs

Coils and Coil Outs are also referred to as finger coils, comb coils, or just plain old coils. They look best on freshly washed and conditioned hair.  The coils can be done with a rat-tail comb or even your fingers. You can wear your coils for a few days then take them out and wear your coil out.  A coil out looks great on all hair lengths, whether you’re rocking a TWA or longer curls.

Depending on the size you want your coils to be, take your rat-tail comb and separate a small section of hair.  A smaller section (about a quarter of an inch or so) will yield a straw-set type curl, while a larger section (maybe an inch square) will give you a larger coil and coil out. Take a section of your hair and apply our Curlfriends High Def Twist Cream from root to tip. You will find this product offers the moisture you need plus a soft hold. Comb through for even coverage.

Starting close to your scalp, gently pull the comb through your hair and slowly roll the comb around. Pull down slightly as you twist the comb; this creates the coil itself. Make sure to take your time until you get the hang of it or you could tangle the hair. Remember, TWIST and PULL. Continue twisting the comb until you get through the ends. Repeat the process across your entire head.

If you’re using your fingers you’ll still want to begin by combing through the ends. Then, begin twisting the hair, rolling the twist around your index finger. You still want the coil to be tight at the scalp. Smooth between your fingers as you reach the end of the coil, using your thumb and index fingers to twist the ends. Repeat the process across your entire head.

When you’re done with the coils, you can let them air dry or dry under a hooded dryer. You can wear the coils as a style, or you can proceed with the coil out process.  When you’re ready for the coil out, start by adding a tiny bit of oil on your hands. Separate the individual coils into smaller sections, like separating your twists for a twist out.

Now, the nighttime routine for your coils require that you tie a satin scarf on at bedtime to protect the coils and keep them fresh, regardless of whether you’re still wearing the coils or have transitioned to the coil out.