Maintenance Tips

Let's Talk About Hair Maintenance


Hey Curlfriends!

I'm Sasha and I'm absolutely 'LOVING' my natural hair journey; however, it can be challenging at times! My purpose here is to share a few Hair Maintenance Tips with those of you who are thinking about transitioning to natural hair, those who have recently transitioned, and those who are newly natural or have been natural for years. I'm here to help you better understand and to celebrate your God-given uniqueness.

You are a Diamond ... Each imperfection (inclusion) makes you Genuine and Unique:

    • You are God's Masterpiece ... His creation!
    • You are beautifully and wonderfully made!
    • You are created to His specifications!
    • Your hair is an expression of His Glory!


    By using Terra Veda Organix Products, you can realize your hair's full beauty-potential, and enjoy styling it. As we embark upon our journey together, I will offer both Maintenance and Styling Tips along the way. However, before peaking ahead into my Styling Tips, take a few minutes to learn more about my Maintenance Tips below:

      • Co-Washing
      • Oil Rinsing
      • Conditioners
      • Treatments
      • Detangling
      • Moisturizing
      • Leave-Ins

      Keep in mind that beauty is in its truest form starts from the inside out. So, don't forget to drink water and eat lots of fruits and veggies.



      Going for extended periods of time without co-washing/shampooing will increase the likelihood of knots, tangles and matted hair. It doesn't matter if you are wearing your hair out, (in a wash & go style, twist-out, afro, etc.) or a protective style, (twists, braids, coils, etc.) Our hair sheds about 100 strands of hair daily and that shredded hair gets caught up in our mane. Also, our hair tends to dry out between shampoos. So, with these combinations and our coily hair texture it can result in matted hair that tangles and knots.

      *** Tip: The more frequently (1-2 times weekly) you co-wash with our Apple Cleansing Co-Wash, the less noticeable the hair in your comb or brush will be, and the easier your hair will be to detangle. Thoroughly wet your hair before applying Apple Co-Wash, keeping your hair smoothed down and going in the same direction. Add more water if your hair is not saturated and your fingers don't easily slip down your strands. Begin the process of detangling by gently finger detangling or working a wide-toothed comb through your hair. Start at the ends and proceed up to the scalp.


      Oil Rinsing

      An oil rinse is a hair treatment used primarily on kinky, coily, afro textured hair. Oil Rinsing is the step between co-washing/shampooing and conditioning, that keeps the hair moisturized longer, makes detangling a cinch, soften hair follicles, promotes growth, and prevents tangles and knots. An oil rinse is effective at smoothing the cuticle layers and greatly improving the appearance of your hair. The Oils is applied from the root to the ends of the hair shaft after co-washing/shampooing and before conditioning. The oil adds extra slip which may help the hair strands slide past each other instead of tangling and forming knots. This is how it is done:

      1. CO-WASH : Using Apple Cleansing Co-Wash using warm water or as warm as you can bear, it helps to open the pores. Remember, the purpose of this step is to help remove the scalp of build-up from your products which is very important!

      2. OIL: Apply Rescue Me Oil Rinse to your hair (1-2 tablespoons) depending on the thickness of your hair. Work Rescue Me Oil Rinse through the hair from root to ends. Finger detangle your hair during this step which helps to make sure the oil has been applied liberally. Rinse hair with cool water.

      3. CONDITIONER: Apply your choice of Terra Veda Organix Conditioners to your hair generously and rinse with cool water or as cold you can bear to close the cuticle. Cold water rinses help to seal in moisture, prevent knots, and add shine to the hair. You will definitely notice a difference in your hair. 


      Conditioners & Treatments

      Deep conditioning is the process of fortifying the hair with moisture or protein. Deep conditioning is critical for natural hair! Periodically, your hair might feel dry and brittle. You may also experience excessive breakage or splitting along the hair shaft. These things can be an indication that a deep conditioning treatment is needed. Usually, at this point, you can use a deep conditioning or hair treatment to remedy those problems. Most people deep condition as part of their regular hair routine to pro-actively prevent these problems from occurring. All hair types (natural, color treated, chemically treated) can become dull, weak and lifeless over time causing hair breakage. Conditioning treatments penetrate the hair shaft, restoring the natural moisture, shine and elasticity of the hair.

      *** Tip: Carmel-tini Treatment

      Carmel-tini Treatment smooths and repairs the shaft of the hair to give you back your natural shine. This conditioning treatment will help restore the strength to your hair and maximize hair growth.


      Moisture/Protein Balance

      There needs to be a balance between the two. You don’t want your hair to be uber saturated with protein, that it causes your hair to be extremely stiff and hard. Contrarily, you also, do not want to contend with hair that is so saturated with moisture, that it becomes too soft and mushy. There is a fine balance.

      *** Tip: Quinoa & Green Tea Deep Conditioner

      This conditioner that penetrates deep into the hair shaft, leaving the hair shiny and soft. Great for use on damaged, dry, color treated, over processed hair that needs to balance protein and moisture.



      Detangling is a very vital part of your natural hair journey. It is simply pulling through your hair with your fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or a denman brush to remove tangles, matting, shed hairs, or knots. Natural hair textures are actually more fragile and prone to damage when handled improperly. So, if you are struggling with length retention, you should learn to properly detangle your hair to ensure that you are not breaking it off. Detangling helps with styling and distributing product throughout the hair. Improper detangling results with split ends and damaged cuticles.

      *** Tip: Begin the process of detangling using Banana Slip Detangler gently finger detangling or working a wide-toothed comb through your hair. Make sure to keep your hair smoothed down and going in the same direction. Start at the ends and proceed up to the scalp. Proceed with maintenance as usual.

      *** Tip: Spritz hair with our Hair Nectar on wet or dry hair. Do not tug, pull, or tear at your hair. If there's a large knot, add more Hair Nectar, and gently pick it apart with your fingers, or the end of a rattail comb. If it is a small knot, apply Hair Nectar to your fingers and run them down the strand over and over again. This will help release the knot.If you've gone a long time without co-washing/shampooing your hair or if you have extremely matted and tangled hair, use our Hair Nectar and Banana Slip Detangler to remove tangles and restore hair before co-washing/shampooing.


      Moisturizing Conditioners

      Most deep conditioners are usually thick and creamy in consistency. They are designed to penetrate the hair follicle and deposit nutrients that promote moisture retention and hair elasticity. Increased moisture content in the hair equates to increased hair elasticity. In layman’s terms, if moisture is infused into your hair shaft, it will allow the hair strand to stretch when stressed, without snapping or breaking off. If your hair feels dry and brittle, then it needs moisture. If your water based leave-ins do not seem to remedy the problem, then your hair probably needs a moisturizing conditioned.

      *** Tip: Quinoa & Green Deep Conditioner


      Leave-In Conditioners

      Leave-in Conditioners are actually formulated differently than regular and deep conditioners. They tend to be lighter and contain more water than standard rinse-out conditioners. The water content will moisturize, condition, soften, tame frizz, and help eliminate snarls and tangles. Leave-in conditioners are great to use for layering products (LOC Method) in the hair to maximize moisture retention.

      ***Tip:  Krazy 4 Coconut & Okra Condish

      ***Tip:  Hibiscus Curl Milk

      ***Tip:  Quench Hydration Cream

      ***Tip:  Banana Slip Detangler

      ***Tip:  Curl-Aid Herbal Refresher Spray