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    The New Line of Terra Veda Organix (TVO) Products works great for Kinky, Coily, and Curly Hair Textures as well chemically treated hair. These products are formulated with Organic oils, Botanical herbs, Ayurvedic oils, and other pure ingredients. They are safe for the whole family! These products can be purchased individually or as a Collection (i.e., Bundle)

    8 products
    Curl Bath Clarifying Shampoo
    Sale price $ 44.00 Regular price $ 54.00 Save $ 10
    Curl Bath Conditioner
    from $ 14.99
    Curl Bath Shampoo
    from $ 14.99
    Curl Love Moisturizing Styler
    $ 24.00
    Curl Refresher Spray
    from $ 6.99
    Curl Slayer Curl Definer
    $ 24.00
    Sold Out
    Fresh Whip Styling Foam
    from $ 22.99
    Veda Scalp Oil - New
    from $ 29.99
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