💦 Squishing 💦

by Pat Moore

Are you are having issues with dry hair? Does product sit on top of your hair? Is it hard to get your hair hydrated and your curls popping? If so, you need to try Squishing. The theory behind Squishing is that conditioner and water should work in unison to hydrate hair (because water is the hydrating factor, the conditioner is just a medium to get water into our hair). Just like we bathe to fill up the skin with water and then apply a moisturizer to seal it in, we have to fill the hair with water and then leave enough conditioner to seal the water in. Applying conditioner to hair and then, immediately rinsing it all out with water is senseless.


Benefits of Squishing

Helps hydrate curls.

Promotes curl clumping.

You don’t need a leave in. This will leave your hair with the right amount of conditioner it needs.


How to Squish

Shampoo your hair with Curl Bath Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly under running water.

Generously apply Curl Bath Conditioner or Curl Bath Deep Conditioner and detangle thoroughly using your fingers or wide tooth comb.

Dunk your hair under the shower water for 2 seconds, just enough to get the product all soppy. Collect water in the palm of your hands and squish your hair from ends to the scalp. Do this section by section collecting more water in your palms as you go to a new section.

The squishing action will force the water and conditioner to work together. When you push the water conditioner mixture into the hair, the inside of the hair strand gets filled with water. The hair is absorbing the water and the excess conditioner is being pushed out. You are replacing the conditioner with water with each squish. You should also see curls starting to form. If you feel that your hair is dry or starting to frizz or if your curls aren’t clumping, add more conditioner and repeat the squishing. Then, rinse your hair with cool water. Give it a try and watch your curls POP! This technique works for all curl types. It doesn't matter whether you are low or high porosity!