Help!! My Natural Hair Is So Dry!

Natural hair has a tendency to be much drier than straight hair because it takes longer for the natural sebum (oil) to travel down the twists and turns of a coil than a direct route down a straight hair shaft.

The most important thing to know along this journey is that MOISTURE IS KEY!! Water IS your friend!! The BEST thing to use to keep your hair hydrated is H2O. Nothing, I mean Nothing, beats plain old H2O for moisture! But, you can't just walk around with wet hair all day! This would cause your to mildew and smell bad ... Eeekkk!!!

Well, after the water evaporates, you are back to square one - Dry Hair! But, why so quickly? It's because your moisture should be sealed in the hair so it does not evaporate quickly. So, how do you keep the moisture in your hair longer? Here's the KEY - The LOC Method!!!

The LOC Method, also referred to as LOC, is the method used to seal or lock moisture in your hair when you have wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair. Here's how it works in three easy steps.

Step 1- Liquid (L): You first use a liquid on your hair, i.e., water or products that are mostly water. For example, spritz, tea rinses, sprays, etc.

Step 2 - Oil (O): You seal the moisture in your hair from the liquid with an oil or butter. Use Shea Butter, EVOO, Coconut Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, etc.

Step 3 - Cream (C): You then put a hair cream (water-based) over the oil and liquid. Use creams that have "Water" as the first ingredient. For example, hair lotions, daily leave-in types, or hair creams.

The purpose of the LOC Method is for each layer to seal the layer before it, i.e., the oil seals in the liquid and the cream seals in the oil.

This LOC Method works just as well in the following order: Steps 1-2-3 (LOC) or Steps 1-3-2 (LCO). So, try LOC or LCO customizing it to suit your hair.

Now, here's a tip those of you that have extra dry hair. After applying the LOC or LCO Method, cover your hair in three layers: 1) Place a plastic cap on your head, 2) Place a plastic "grocery store bag" on top of the plastic cap and tie the handles around your head (press out the excess air), and (3) Place your satin bonnet over the plastic "grocery store bag" and leave it on at least an hour, but it's best if you leave it on over night. This creates a "Greenhouse Effect" locking in extra moisture.



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